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"We are a group of professionals that that take great pride in our work. We treat our customers with the utmost respect. If we say we are going to do something, then I personally guarantee we will do it. Any questions you may have, we will answer honestly. You are our top priority. We use only top quality components on our installations. When we leave a job you can bet it was done right. We will be there for you after the installation as well, answering any questions you may have and the handling the maintenence of your system. We promise you will not be disappointed " 

Eco Solar Solutions proudly installs and maintains the following solar power and thermal systems

Grid-tied system: 
This is probably the most popular system . Your system will tie in to your existing power meter. When your system supplies more power than what you are using then your meter will actually spin backwards(net-metering). When your demand for power is greater than what you're producing then you draw from your electric utility company. This is where you can save considerably on your utility bills.

Off-grid system:  This system is exactly what it sounds. Completely free from your power company. 100% of you power will be provided from your solar array. Power is supplied and then stored in a batterry backup system. These systems do run about 25% more for the same size grid-tied system, but just think of never having another electric bill. These systems are also nice for parking lot lighting, remote emergency phone service, possibly a remote garage or barn. Possibilities are endless.

Solar water heating: This system is becoming more and more popular due to it's very high efficiency. It can usually supply 70-90% of all all hot water needed in a typical househould. Heating hot water can be as high as 30% of a homes total energy consumption.  The cost on these systems is about $5,000-$10,000.Many factors contribute to this wide range.A typical system will pay for itself in 3-5 years.Solar hot water heating is by far the most cost effective choice in heating your water.This price is before any grants and incentives, so it would be considerably cheaper (roughly 1/2). We are authorized dealer and certified installers of SOLARHOT, who are recognized leaders in the industry. WE encourage you to vistit their website for more detailed information on their products (www.solarhotusa.com).Solar thermal heating can be a very cost effective choice in going solar. It can also be used to supplement your current heating source very efficiently.

Swimming pool heaters: This is a great way of extending your swimming pool season by several months.Open in April, close in October. No more not getting in the pool because it is too cold. You paid alot for your pool ,you might as well get the most use out of it. We are an authorized dealer and installer of AQUATHERM (website link www.warmwater.com) pool heating systems, who are recognized leaders in the pool heating industry.We encourage you to visit their website for more detailed information on their line of swimming pool heating products

Solar attic fans: We sell and install Attic Breeze solar attic ventilation systems. This is the most cost effective method of ventilating your attic space. Solar attic fans also qualify for the 30% federal tax credit
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