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Jacuzzi - Sauna

Chi Health Spa is pleased to offer gift certificates in a range of denominations to accommodate all of your gift giving needs. Give your family, friends and loved ones the gift of relaxation, rejuvenation, overall health and well being.

Chinese Healing Massage (Chigong Tuina Massage)
60 minutes $68.00 | 90 minutes $95.00
This deep and invigorating massage focuses on pressure points. This form of massage is perfect for back pain, tight muscles, headaches, decreased mobility and stress.

Relaxation Massage
60 minutes $65.00
A relaxing systematic massage stimulation of the soft tissue and deep muscles. This rhythmic flowing style relieves stress and imparts greater sense of overall well being.

4 Hand Indulgence Massage
60 minutes $130.00
Enjoy an extra ordinary experience with two massage therapists working in harmony using synchronized techniques that flow seamlessly over the entire body. This is the ultimate pampering experience.

Neck and Shoulder Massage
30 min.$40.00
A popular, quick spot massage treatment of busy office workers to relieve stress in your head, neck and shoulders. Helps to relieve tension and stress commonly associated with tension headaches as well as improving posture.

Romantic Couples Massage
60 min. $130.00
The perfect romantic birthday or holiday gift for you and your spouse or partner.

Therapeutic Herbal Bath
30 min. $35.00
An infusion of herbs based on client’s unique needs. Free scalp massage included along with this treatment.

Body scrub
30 min. $45.00
A Chinese-style body exfoliation and detoxification treatment. This treatment leaves your skin glowing and silky smooth. The steam room is a part of the ongoing treatment in conjunction with your massage.

Reflexology Massage
A specialized massage directed at the ears, hands and feet utilizing acupressure techniques directed towards target zones. This advanced massage technique helps improve overall circulation, detox the body and vital organs, reduce stress and tension while promoting over all well being.

Hot Stone Massage
This advanced massage uses smooth, heated stones. Stones are commonly formed from basalt, a volcanic rock chosen for its ability to absorb and retain heat. The heat allows tight muscles to fully and thoroughly relax allowing for the most effective and deepest massage. This massage provides ultimate relaxation and release of tension and stress.
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