Near Shore Fishing

This prehistoric fish is legendary for its fighting ability. Some fisherman catch their first shark by accident, when they catch a fish and a shark tries to take it way from him, getting hooked in the process. Sharks can be sight-fished and will go after bait. Many people catch sharks just for fun and then release them. But they make great eating. If you get a big one into the boat, just make sure he is the one who gets eaten and not you.

This silver giant is not easy to catch and not easy to get into the boat. But hooking one will give you the thrill of a lifetime. They are strong, and have been known to fight for hours. They respond best to chum and live bait and are not too difficult to get onto the line. Tarpon show up most plentifully from May through late September.

To view a video of Tarpon fishing, Click Here.

Whiting like to cooperate with fisherman by congregating in schools of a hundred or more. When they find a good feeding area, they hang around for as long as the eating is good. This is a tasty eating fish, and if you find a spot where they are biting, you can fill your ice chest in no time.

Tripletail is a popular game fish, sometimes referred to as “blackfish.” The flesh is firm and white, and the taste is equal to or superior to red snapper or grouper. Size averages 19 to 20 inches, with the record holder being 37 inches. This unusual fish likes to lie just below the surface on its side, appearing dead until disturbed.

Bull RedfishBull Redfish
Bull Redfish swarm the Coastal Georgia beaches to spawn during the late Summer and Fall season each year. These ever popular large, brutal fighters are well known in the Coastal Georgia area near St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island and Sea Island. Roaming the breakers just a mile off the beach makes them a prime target for anglers looking to catch the Bull Redfish of a lifetime. Georgia is just the place to break you personal best Redfish record!
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