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Georgia has one of the best estuaries for fishing along the Atlantic coast, home to Seatrout, a popular fish for saltwater anglers. Waters around St. Simons Island abound with Seatrout, and fishermen who know where to look bring home limits of this great eating fish.

To view a video abut Trout fishing, Click Here.

This adaptable fish can make its home in salt water, brackish water, or even freshwater. But shallow water is the key. Catching this fish takes patience and angling skill. A tasty fish, they were first introduced as blackened Redfish in New Orleans restaurants.

To view a video of Redfish fishing, Click Here.

Flounder is a great-tasting fish that is easy to prepare. You can filet them if you wish, but they are tastier when cooked with the bone in. The meat lifts right off the bone. Sizes vary from five to fifteen inches, with a breadth of about one-half of their length. Flounder feed in the mud of the sea bottom. Although most commonly fished inshore, they migrate to deeper water, settling as far as 25 to 30 miles offshore.
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