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Are you ready to make that definitive change in your career, but need a little help with presentation? Are you close to getting that long coveted position, but feel a step or two behind your competitors? Are you tired of having your resume passed over by companies on your wish list? B&D Résumés and Consulting is here to help!
We all know that the primary purpose of the résumé is to secure an interview. But did you ever stop to think that creating your résumé is the ONE step in the job search process that you have TOTAL control over? After all, you can’t know for sure what a recruiter or hiring panel is looking for when they make a hiring decision. Nor can you anticipate every question you’ll be asked in the interview. But you CAN ensure that your initial presentation makes the absolute best impression possible…by preparing a résumé that:

  1. Showcases the BENEFITS you provide to a potential employer

  2. Abounds in appropriate KEYWORDS to ensure that your résumé is scannable by employer databases

  3. Stands out visually through the use of creative formatting and layout
Let’s face it, you know what you’re worth. You’ve worked hard to position yourself to make a positive contribution in your target industry. And you want to reap the rewards (money, quality of life, professional recognition, etc.) commensurate with your accomplishments. But writing a powerful résumé is no easy task. Not everyone is a born writer. And those that are often suffer from the very human tendency to downplay their accomplishments. Or, just as common, they lack the objectivity that allows them to “mine” their past experiences for the “gold” that recruiters seek!


Hello, my name is Brian Hudson, founder and principal writer at B&D Résumés and Consulting, and I’d like to welcome you to my website. It is my sincere hope that after perusing these pages you’ll make the decision to let me assist you in your career aspirations.
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A personal touch
You can rest assured that B&D Résumés and Consulting is not your typical résumé mill. When you contact me for resume writing services, I’ll make it a point to get to know you and gather information through a personal consultation via phone or in person. I do not use questionnaires. Our interview will be specifically tailored to determine the unique qualifications and career highlights you possess that separate you from competitors.

Guaranteed service
My clients’ complete satisfaction is important to my business, so much so that I guarantee my services. If you contract with me and do not get an interview within 60 days of receipt of your completed résumé, I will rewrite it at no charge.
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