VISUAL BRAND COMMUNICATION SERVICES — Black Dot Group provides visual brand communication services for retailers, direct marketers, catalogers, ad agencies, magazine publishers, and educational and trade book publishers.

Established in 1963, Black Dot Group has focused first and foremost on providing innovative and creative pre-media solutions that help our clients achieve their goals for print and electronic media. Black Dot Group fulfills an essential role in our clients’ publishing processes by offering complete publishing services or such components of the publishing process that add measurable value to our clients’ internal and external supply chain.

Black Dot Group’s suite of technology tools and workflow profiling helps our clients meet their objectives by enhancing communications, managing assets, and streamlining processes. Our unique and advanced technology not only helps our clients manage their brands and repurpose data for wide-ranging applications; our technology helps clients save money and reduce cycle time.

We are part of The CAPS Group, one of the largest independent graphic arts service providers in the United States. The CAPS Group has more than 600 employees nationwide. Black Dot Group subsidiaries include InContext Publishing Partners, a full-service developer of educational resources for the PreK–12 and corporate markets, and NK Graphics, a provider of educational and trade book publishing services.
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