About Us

Hi, My name is Tina and this is my husband David.  We have four wonderful children ranging in age from 5 years to 16 years old. As you can tell, we lead a very full life. David and I have both worked long hours at stressful jobs just to get by—living paycheck to paycheck. Extra money for family vacations was definitely not in our future. We realized that while we were busy with our jobs, our children were growing up without us. We had such a desire to have a closeness with our family, that we decided a change needed to be made. We made the choice that in every aspect of our lives, we would be successful.

We were extremely blessed to be given an opportunity to join this amazing team of successful individuals who were willing to share their secrets with us—to be given the opportunity to work from home and change our annual income into our monthly income. We knew right away that we made the right choice for our family because we wanted a higher quality of life with unlimited possibilities. We were no longer willing to just sit on the sidelines of life. We longed for that abundant life that we, like so many others, have dreamed about. We were determined to improve our lives through financial independence and more enriching experiences.

By obtaining financial stability, we are able to honor what is most important in our lives, and will not compromise for less. This business opportunity has given us the lifestyle that we deserve. Most of all, we are now able to do what we desire to do most in life: to glorify God, have quality time with our children, and have the freedom to bless our family and our community.
Thank you for visiting our site and allowing us to share this amazing, life-changing opportunity with you. Now you can start your journey to a successful and abundant life.