Frequently Asked Questions
1) How often do you offer contests?     top
Our contests are done once every month or so, and usually have something to do with artistic entries or scholarship opportunities. I haven’t decided officially yet so stay posted for these
2) How often are your blogs posted?    top
I will TRY to update the blog as often as I can (preferably every other day) but with school, certain weeks will be difficult to update.
3) What is included in your blogs?    top
In my blogs I have thoughts about the environment, some fun facts, upcoming events, and helpful information. Some days it may have an exciting story or interview, and others may have some great artwork submitted by kids like you!
4) I have an idea for a weekly trivia question! How do I let you know?    top
Well… if you want to let me know about an upcoming event or trivia question, you would go to the Contact us page and fill out the form there. If your topic is chosen, it will be posted in the trivia box that next week.
5) What age is your website directed at?    top is directed at kids, pre-teens and teenagers aged 10-16 who are interested in helping preserve the environment.
6) How do I purchase from your store?    top
Our store is currently under construction at the moment, but as soon as we have it up and running I will post.
7) What is the project link?    top
If you are a young scientist who has some amazing work that you would like the young science community to know about, this is your spot. Under this link you can send me by email, a brief summary of your project and we can see how we can help you out by allowing others to view it and comment on what could be done differently or to move it along in the science world. Each project will be credited to their scientist with your first name and a link to your website if you have one, and to your state science fair’s website.