I was never really into self-exams.  Why would I be?  I was too young.  So when my husband found the lump it seemed straight out of a Lifetime movie.  I distinctly remember knowing, just knowing, the minute I felt it.  A sickening certainty, deep in the belly, all consuming terror.  And it didn't matter when the mammogram came back negative and the surgical oncologist assured me he was 90% sure it was benign.   That utter blackness of truth surfaced every time I ran my fingers across that hardened bump.

The fight for me wasn't about me at all.  It was entirely for the baby I had had 18 months before.  I wouldn't and couldn't let her leave my side; not through the multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, an unfathomable depth of pain and sickness, radiation, more surgery, chemically and surgically enhanced menopause the devil invented Lupron then oh god, I can't have more kids, drugs, more drugs, osteoporosis, organ failure, she was there, my talisman, my touchstone, my reason to survive.

And I did. So far.

I made the milestones, rolled the survivability dice and here I am.  And I fight to be with her every day.  Now it's hot flashes and night sweats, bone scans, the annoyance of osteoporosis, Zometa infusions, blood draws, bilaterals, all duly rung up to pay the price of living.  Oh, but I pay it gladly, happily.  Because it is not about the big career anymore, Dr. Rogers, the money and excess.  It's about love and family and giving back.  So now I am part of a group that founded a cancer product company, Renovoir.  We developed a product to eliminate hot flashes and it works.  I know because I was the guinea pig. There are other complimentary products on the way.  Our mission is to help those that have suffered as I have, to contribute to research, to help.  Oh yes, and to live.

Dorriah R.

I have been living with debilitating hot flashes and nights sweats accompanied by headaches for nearly 3 1/2 years. I have tried everything to alleviate the symptoms and nothing, not even something prescribed by doctors, mostly hormones, has helped give me any relief. My sister suggested I try Renovoir. I am amazed at how well it is working for me. The product gave me instant relief. Two sprays and the hot flash was stopped in its tracks. After 5 weeks of use, I am virtually free of all hot flashes, night sweats and headaches. I like that this product is easy and convenient to use and is also hormone free. I will be a customer of Renovoir for life.

Debbie S.
Two years ago I started to suffer the effects of menopause. The hot flashes, the night sweats, and the headaches. I was having a particularly bad day and had mentioned to a friend the misery I was feeling...I complained to the right person. He suggested that I give Renovoir a try and it worked for me. Two sprays on the back of the neck gave me instant relief if I felt a hot flash coming on. I can honestly say that after 5 weeks of use that I am not aware of having any hot flashes or night sweats. Renovoir is hormone free which is a big plus in my book. Thank you for such a great product.

Lisa Z
I am  51 years old and post-menopausal with moderate hot flashes.   I have been using the Renovior spray for around 3 months and it works beautifully.   The smell reminds me of a spa and immediately after spraying it twice on the back of the neck my hot flashes are alleviated.  It gives a menthol cooling sensation that lasts well over an hour.   I am sharing it with my friends at work and they love it too.  They come over to my desk for a spray when they are feeling overheated or a flash coming on.

It is a great product and the best part is that there is immediate relief without the need to take any pills or supplements.
Candice O
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